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IPSES designs and builds high -level solutions for industrial manufacturing, aerospace & defense, automotive & transport and energy applications, focusing especially on testing and embedded system development. Our Solutions cover a wide range of applications: functional, vision, RF and Boundary scan testing with modular hardware and software platforms, embedded hardware and software development, systems integration, RF and Timing and frequency generation applications. The high standards in project management, even complex and multilevel, are guaranteed technically and according the highest quality standard for production, verification and documentation processes.

Core Business


Design and development of test systems especially for industrial electronics, automotive and aerospace, through modular hardware and software platforms. Functional, RF, Vision, Boundary Scan systems, Fixture & Support Tools, both off-line and in-line, easily expandable and upgradeable.


IPSES is the Italian distributor and technology partner of XJTAG, a leading company in providing solutions and products for boundary scan test according to the IEEE-1149.x standard.

System integrator

With its excellent knowledge of all National Instruments platforms and its wide experience in using and integrating NI hardware and software, IPSES offers customized solutions and services, delivering innovative, consistent and reliable leading-edge technologies combining design flexibility with quality and reliability.

Specific development

We work alongside our clients on joint projects to determine the best technologies and methods, starting with structured requirement analysis, documenting all the processes from conception to development and delivery, both for prototypes and small series.


Our partnerships certify our expertise so to timely deliver dynamic and innovative technology solutions.

National Instruments Silver Partner
Mircochip Partner
Xjtag Partner
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