National Instruments System integrator


With its excellent knowledge of all National Instruments platforms and its wide experience in using and integrating NI hardware (CompactRIO, sbRIO, PXI, CAN, DAQ, etc.) and software (LabWindows/CVI, LabView e TestStand), IPSES offers to its clients customized solutions and services, providing both technological and economic benefits.

Since several years, IPSES conceives projects and develops test and measurement systems based on PC, CompactRIO, sbRIO and PXI, especially oriented toward industrial and scientific applications. That makes IPSES the best partner choice for enterprises and research bodies which need to reduce times, costs and risks in developing and making their advanced technology solutions.

Thanks to flexibility and customizable interventions, our clients can choice the technical support and the assistance level better fitting their needs and requirements. Therefore, they can decide to outsource the whole project or selected parts of it to our staff, entrusting the support of experts working strictly in contact with them for an effective no-problem implementation with their systems.


According the complexity of our client's solution and project documentation such as project architecture, product engineering and business processes, IPSES can:

  • Overhaul its client’s solution, especially concerning its reliability, feasibility and testability
  • Advice and suggest how to optimize the architecture and design project
  • Project, design and define the whole system architecture
  • Develop, optimize and debug the required applications
  • Evaluate, plan and organize the required activities
  • Integrate the hardware and the software, including third party products
  • Make the prototype
  • Develop testing criteria and carry out acceptance tests
  • Manage certification processes, such as the immunity to electromagnetic disturbances, for customized solutions
IPSES is a National Instruments Silver Alliance partner company.
Besides, our technicians are certified as NI LabVIEW, LabWIndows/CVI e TestStand developers and architects.
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IPSES is recognized by National Instruments as "Alliance Partner of the year 2013" and "Outstanding Online presence" at the last NI week 2013.

One of our RF application won the prize NICOLA CHIARI 2014 - RF/Telecommunication

Riconoscimento NI Alliance partner anno 2013
Targa NI Outstanding Presence Alliance

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