Artificial vision and Imaging for Automation and testing

IPSES integrates vision systems for the automation of visual inspections, measurements, comparisons, robotic guidance (2D and 3D) to ensure the quality of the produced pieces, the detection of defects and their division into classes.

IPSES develops applications based on embedded systems such as NI Vision System and the NI SmartCameras, or on standard PC systems. We manage color and black and white cameras, with standard GigE/USB3/USB2, area scan, line scan, TOF, developing also custom drivers.


Machine Vision Applications:

Applications for metric measurements, object detection, monitoring industrial processes, integration with other industrial systems, read and verify 1D and 2D bar codes, non-regression tests, identifying defects, integration with other analysis and control software, quality control, Electroluminescence for cells solar, 3D measurement with laser scanning.

Industrial test applications for electronic Boards:

Check luminance/chrominance and LED backlighting, Test on the LCD display, calibration indexes.

ViTest: Vision library for NI TestStand

Installed as type step in NI TestStand. it makes immediately available advanced analysis and image processing tools. It facilitates the vision test in automated testing. The vision and analysis algorithms are hardware independent. Certified LabVIEW Compatible

settori applicazione

Application areas:

- Industrial electronics

- Aerospace and Automotive

- Medical and Scientific 

- Validation of electronic devices

- Semiconductors and solar energy

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