WEB-IO-WiFi: Input/output Card with 16 inputs and 16 outputs, Ethernet and WiFi interfaces, integrated WEB, telnet and SNMP servers

Cod: WEB-IO-WiFi

Category: I/O

Interface Type: Ethernet - Wireless

Input Type: Digital

WEB-IO-WiFi is a card to manage sixteen optocoupled inputs and sixteen optocoupled outputs with Ethernet and WiFi interfaces, equipped with a WEB, a telnet, and an SNMP server . The WEB server allows to connect and to manage the card using any WEB browser (i. e. Internet Explorer or Firefox), with no needs to install a software on your PC as it is possible to see at the following link: http://demo.ipses.com/WEB-IO-WIFI

Besides, the card can be connected directly to a switch or to a router, by this way it can be accessed by any PC connected to the Internet. It is also possible to develop a customized software managed by telnet service or SNMP server. The board is available with a built-in antenna or with ultra-miniature coaxial (U.FL) connector for the external antenna connection.

WEB-IO-WiFi can be directly connected to PLC, to input devices from operator and to other I/O systems. Each input and output status can be read by a web browser or a telnet client at any moment, besides it is shown directly on the board thanks to LEDs fixed on. On request, the card can be equipped with an integrated temperature sensor which allows to monitor in real time the temperature around the regulator voltage module.

WEB-IO-WiFi is provided with a software for Windows environment, based on telnet service. 

General technical features

Power supply: external, from 5V to 32V (continuous current)
Working temperature: from 0°C up to + 60°C
Storage temperature: from -40°C up to + 85°C
Size: European format card (100 x 160 mm - 3,94 x 6,30 inches)
Max thickness: 20mm
Ethernet interface: 1 Ethernet RJ45 port
WiFi technical features:

  • Compatibility: WiFi 802.11b (2,4GHz)
  • Security: WEP, WPA and WPA2.
  • Transmit power: 10dBm (10mW).
  • Receiver sensitivity: -83dBm
  • Built-in antenna or ultra miniature coaxial (U.FL) connector for external antenna connection
  • Configurable to connect to any Access Point, with any channel and SSID

Technical features of inputs

Number of inputs: sixteen
Operative voltage: from 3,3V up to 36V (DC)
Maximum current absorbed: 10mA
Input impedance: ≈2,5kΩ
Logic low level: < 1V
Logic high level: > 2.5V
Protection: optocouplers with 2.500VRMS maximum operative voltage
Connectors: pitch terminal block

Technical features of outputs

Number of outputs: sixteen
Operative voltage: from 3,3V up to 36V (DC)
Maximum current: 150mA
Response average time: 100μs
Protection: optocouplers with 2.500VRMS maximum operative voltage
Connectors: pitch terminal block

Timeout control to turn off all the digital outputs if it does not receive commands from the host within a time configurable through software.
The state of inputs and outputs is shown through LEDs on the board.

Supported protocols

Telnet: the card can work as a telnet server
HTTP: the card can work as a web server
SNMP: the card can work as an SNMP server

Additional Documents


application/pdf Download - [411.27 kB]


Manuale Web-IO WiFi in italiano

application/pdf Download - [4.37 MB]


Web-IO WiFi English manual

application/pdf Download - [4.60 MB]

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