Reliable and efficient Modular Laser marking systems for industrial applications, both with pulsed and continuous sources

 Modular OEM   hardware  and software Laser marking systems for industrial applications, both with pulsed and continuous sources, reliable and efficient, for a maximum application flexibility.

Our markers use ytterbium-doped laser fibers which allow micro-processing of a few micron lateral resolution and excellent contrast marking on all metals and their alloys, ceramics, semiconductors and many plastic materials.
We also offer integration and installation services in the production or testing line, manging  automatic marking  within the TestStand sequence


BLITZ is a high-resolution modular OEM fiber laser system for marking and micromachining industrial applications, compact, reliable and cost competitive.

Its high resolution, reliability, speed and repeatabilityapplied to a wide range of materials, allow Blitz to overperform respect to conventionalmarking and micromachining systemscurrently available in the market.

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