Data logger and sniffer cards for CAN bus and RS232

IPSES data logger cards are the right answer to save and monitoring data on CAN bus and RS232. Easy to use and low cost solutions.

It is possibile to use them as a stand alone device (in this case the read data are saved on a non-volatile memory or on a SD card) or to monitoring real-time by interfacing the cards to a PC through USB or RS 232 interfaces.

CAN Logger

CAN Logger is a control unit which allows to filter and to memorize all CAN frames of the bus on which is connected on. Beside the system can be directly interfaced to PC through USB or RS232 interfaces.

CAN Sniffer

CAN Sniffer is a control unit which can be interfaced and monitoring a CAN bus by USB (in this case the card is self-powered) or RS232 interfaces. Its configuration is achieved either through USB (in this case the board is self powered) or through RS232 interface. Beside acting as a sniffer while it is connected to a PC, the system can work as a stand-alone device and save till 8.000 CAN messages (1.024 kbit) on its inner non-volatile memory.


SerialLogger is a board which may monitor, ask and store data by a simple RS232 serial interface.

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