Integrated Systems

Functional testing and boundary scan integrated: a new approach for maximum reliability and effectiveness.

Integrated testing is perfect in case of medium and high-density Electronic boards, the complexity of electronic components, high number of digital components, and poor access to physical probes

By this approach, you can verify the correct functioning of the board from the functional point of view, verify the correctness of the components and their interconnection, and test both digital and analog parts.

Using Open scalable and reconfigurable hardware and software platform you can have integrated test systems quickly and at competitive costs, responding also to market needs that push company to release complex products in shorter times.


Mutual coverage of areas where they would be deficient 

  • Almost total coverage of all the circuits of the DUT both digital, or analog and all the nets 

Increase the reliability and efficiency 

  • Interacting the two techniques you can create favorable test conditions that would otherwise be impossible to have 

High-performance in-system programming 

  • The XJTAG algorithms allow a fast and simple programming of a wide range of devices 

Improved fault diagnosis 

  • Unique integrated reporting
Immagine testi

Brochure fucntional and boundary test combined

application/pdf Download - [688.21 kB]

IT - Automazione & Strumentazione - Maggio 2014 - Il test boundary scan abbinato al test funzionale

application/pdf Download - [316.90 kB]

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