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Packet analyzer for regression testing on eBUS protocol via integration of the LUA scripting language

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Publication date: May 29th, 2016

The realized tool is able to identify violations of the rules of the eBUS communication protocol by analyzing log files from a typical working session of an installation net of N smart devices. As a fundamental requirement, the system involves a flexible approach to the drafting of the protocol rules with a Real-time acquisition to determine whether the product conforms to the required specifications.

The architecture designed for the tool provides the use of LabVIEW for the construction of the software apparatus which manages the scripting engine, the dataloading, the creation of structures used by the scripts, the user interface and part of the algorithms provided by some functions used in scripts. The LuaVIEW package is crucial because it can make calls from LabVIEW towards LUA and vice versa: a scripting engine capable of processing in parallel a number of adjustable, corresponding to the different tasks rules of protocol has been then realized.

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