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XJTAG boundary scan fast-tracks solution for testing complex, high-density boards

[ XJTAG website - case studies 2012 | US-TECH - settembre 2013 - PAG. 79 ]

Publication date: Dec 31st, 2011

XJTAG publishes the case study about the application developed by IPSES for Linkra, selecting XJTAG boundary scan to test complex boards containing over 20,000 solder joints with around 5500 connection nets. XJTAG boundary scan is able to test a high proportion of connections and components, including non-JTAG devices, with very few physical connections to the board: IPSES delivered a priced solution within a fast turnaround time using the XJTAG boundary scan system. Complete case study can be read or downloaded at the links below.

The paper has been published on US-TECH in the number of September 2013 at pag 79