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Measurement instruments

Barpa, Hivo, AVo, Libra, PromPro, SoCRATes, PulseRecorder and Photon Counting services: a wide set of measurement and laboratory instruments.


GeCo has been designed as a smart meter for Geiger Müller detectors, but it can be connected to different probes, making it suitable for measuring radioactive event counts, equivalent dose intensity, and surface contamination.


SoCRATes test system for the characterization of the solar cells is a fast and precise instrument to verify the correct functionality and to divide into similar classes the solar cells used in the aerospace sector. 
 The system is able to test and classify the cells contained in wafers of various sizes (up to 4 inches) and to interface with solar simulators controlling the relevant shutter.


HiVo is a device especially conceived to furnish an adjustable elevated voltage up to 2.000V. Although it is mainly used to supply photomultipliers, HiVo can be employed with any device needing high voltage and low current supply.


AVo is a device especially conceived to provide an adjustable voltage between 0V and -1,25V, with a maximum currentup to 1 mA.


Barpa is a low-noise fast-rise-time preamplifier especially designed for fast-timing applications such as photomultipliers, electron multipliers and other detectors employed in photon counting or ion counting. Thanks to its compact size and lightness, Barpa can be installed directly on the detector.


LiBRA is an innovative lithium battery management system allowing optimal charge and dischargetemperature control and balancing of every single cell. LiBRA protects battery preventing going under and over cell voltage current and temperature limit. Beside, the system allows battery enhancement and complete monitoring in real time.


Personalized software for memorizing data inside any EEPROM memory with Microwire protocol of any dimension and organization. Thanks to this program, any consumer, even if inexperienced, can easily insert in very intuitive way the data that he intends to memorize on EEPROM.


PulseRecorder is a miniature data logger which senses pulse inputs or contact closures from external sources such as transducers or pulse initiators (gas, water and electric meters).

Photon Counting

IPSES can furnish all the necessary technical advice and devices to choose and use a photomultiplier as photon counting.