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Bench top compact platform

The benchtop compact & modular platform was designed to cover the most common testing and in-system programming (ISP) needs with a reduced initial budget, nevertheless a high-efficiency solution.

The system includes a robust manual linear push mechanism allowing a low-cost fixture strategy thanks to the exchangeable cassettes.

Regarding working area size, there are two available options: Narrow for PCBs up to 250x300mm, and Wide for PCB’s up to 250x580mm. For the Wide version, an optional kit allows the use of Narrow version cassettes.

The platform enclosure features an 8-Slot fixture receiver, compatible with VPC 90 Series Mass Interconnect Modules, as well as 6TL intelligent YAVModules. There’s room for fast ISP devices, PXI chassis, and various power supplies. A removable back panel allows easy placement of custom connectors or test auxiliary circuitry.


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