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Platforms for offline tests

The offline platforms are a perfect base for the conception of a real modular Automatic Test Equipment for low to mid manufacturing volumes.

A system designed around an offline platform is simple, easy to maintain and cost-effective. The rack is prepared for the direct integration of the three platform-based receivers from Virginia Panel, the S6, G12, and G12X.
The core of the system can be either an Industrial PC or an NI-PXI. A UPS will protect the valuable instrumentation as well as control all the steps for an automatic power-up and down of the test system.
All modules are equipped with CAN bus control with a virtual control panel for performing manual tasks, software debugging and diagnostics. Each system comes with: Phi6 control software with LabVIEW drivers, user manual for hardware and software and circuit diagrams of interconnection.

Typical applications for this system are a test on electronic boards, test on a device equipped with flashing LEDs, a test of assembled electronic products.

Offline platforms are the perfect base for an integrated automatic test of small to medium production volumes. The technical and economic advantages are given by the modular structure and the resulting capacity expansion and reconfiguration with easy maintenance and competitive price.

Some offline platform base models

6TL19 - 6TL22


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