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ViTest è una potente libreria software progettata per una rapida implementazione dei test di visione in TestStand di National Instruments.

ViTest is a powerful software library specially designed for fast implementation of vision tests using National Instruments TestStand.

The library can be installed as TestStand step type, making immediately available advanced analysis and image processing features, facilitating the vision tests in automatic testing.

Since the vision algorithms and analysis are independent of the hardware, you can use any vision system that is managed by ViTest in a simple and intuitive way for the operator.

ViTest allows quickly and effectively to:

  • Allocate / de-allocate image buffer
  • Load and save images
  • Perform imaging processing operations
  • Apply filters to images
  • Perform image Morphologic analysis
  • Perform photometric analysis
  • Execute Pattern/matching algorithms
  • Perform color and light measures


Demo version is available for a free download from here:

IPSES ViTest - Vision Library for NI TestStand

Test di visione con LabVIEW e TestStand

Scarica la nostra presentazione al LabVIEW Developer day 2015 su come implementare i test di Visione con LabVIEW e TestStand grazie a ViTest

La presentazione è anche disponibile sul sito National Instruments al seguente link:


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