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NFC CREW is a reading and writing system for functional testing is a hardware/software package that allows interfacing an RFID module and to manage it in a simple and effective way either through NI TestStand or NI LabVIEW, during the validation or test sequence

NFC CREW consists of an RFIDClick module that integrates a ST CR95HF transceiver for near filed communication (NFC)at 13.56MHz.
The supported communication protocols are as follows:

- ISO / IEC 15693

- ISO / IEC 14443-A

- ISO / IEC 14443-B

- ISO / IEC 18092

The user communication interface can be serial RS232 or USB.The communication library, developed in LabVIEW,allows the RS232 serial control of the RFID modulebased on ISO/IEC 15693 protocol, allowing to sendthe following commands:- Inventory- Set Password- Read EEPROM tag- Write EEPROM tag
Writing takes place using NDEF tags with any payload(type and length, according to the standard).If necessary, it is also possible to write in raw formatspecific bytes with the RAW Data interface.It is possible to programmatically check the switch-onstatus of the RF carrier, switching to ON / OFFas required. Finally, the CC bits can be programmed,allowing a new tag to be prepared for use.The library can be fully integrated into NI TestStand,making its use for functional testing faster.

IPSES NFC CREW control panel implementsall the functions of the NFC library.If necessary, the panel allows tags to beoperated directly and in a very short time,or it can be customized.Alternatively the library can be incorporatedin other systems (LabVIEW, testStand, etc.) ensuring maximun flexibility of use in any test situation.

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