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Test sequence development

Thanks to many years of experience in using NI TestStand, also confirmed by the certifications of our engineers, and development of test sequences, IPSES provides development of test sequences for functional test, boundary scan and test integrated with a unique user interface.

IPSES cab control perfectly the entire testing process, integrating the code of other programming languages (such as LabVIEW, LabWindows / CVI, etc.) to perform individual tests, test flow management, reporting, logging data into the database by different users with their privileges, and UUT (Unit Under Test) multithreading test.

IPSES also develops both customized operator interfaces both step-type, both process model with which to build applications able to meet specific needs.

Moreover, thanks to the ability of hardware and firmware, IPSES offers consulting services for assessing the testability of the product in the design phase, both at a physical and logical level, suggesting improvements that optimize testability. In the case of products already, developed IPSES can modify the existing project to make it more functional and developing recommendations for improvements to architecture and design.